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Concert “Help for Ukraine”
23 February 2023

Concert “Help for Ukraine”

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Price: 50-90 EUR

Dune Community Center
Kakal St 90, Ashdod, Izrael
Концерт “Допоможи Україні...
Концерт “Допоможи Україні”
19 April, 20:00 Verona 35-100 EUR Buy
21 April, 20:00 Naples 30-80 EUR Buy
23 April, 19:00 Rome 30-90 EUR Buy
24 April, 20:00 Bologna 40-90 EUR Buy
25 April, 20:00 Bergamo 45-80 EUR Buy
26 April, 20:00 Milan 35-90 EUR Buy
27 April, 20:00 Florence 40-80 EUR Buy
07 June, 20:00 Alicante 40-70 EUR Buy
08 June, 20:00 Valencia 40-70 EUR Buy
18 June, 20:00 Brussels 30-80 EUR Buy
25 June, 20:00 Paris 65-150 EUR Buy

About the show

Concert “Help for Ukraine”

"You can take the cities and win the battles, but you can not conquer the whole nation" - said Bernard Shaw, he survived the first and the second world wars. Today his words describe the courage, resilience of every Ukrainian and whole Ukrainian people

For more than eight months hold struggle for defending sovereignty, peace, freedom, where everyone protects Ukraine. We are going through the tests of sadness, separation, and the most valuable losses that brought to war witch russia have started Ukrainians United to achieve victory together!

Dear Ukrainians, now everyone is in their place and do everything possible to free their lands from the occupiers.

We stand to the end and help in all possible ways to our country.

We invite you to join the concert “Help for Ukraine”, which will take place in the countries of Europe, where together with you - Oleksandr Ponomarov and Mykhailo Khoma (DZIDZIO) will do a great job and will be for one step closer to victory!

All collected funds will be transferred to the needs of Ukraine

Support your Motherland in a circle of like-minded people and spend this evening with benefit of Ukraine!

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